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Employee and Supervisor Training
Our aim is to provide the best quality teaching that encourages not only interest, but also interaction. As part of our online Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Compliance Training, we offer two courses for those covered by the DOT/FAA Regulations: Employee Training and Supervisor Training.

The employee course is designed to be completed in 1.5 hours and the supervisor course in 2.0 hours. If you need to take a break in between, you can always leave and come back to where you left off.

Upon completion of a course and passing a quiz, a printable course completion certificate will appear on your screen. Records of persons who have completed our courses are kept in our archives and can be retrieved upon direct request to our offices.

Please contact us for current course pricing and for volume discounts for our standard courses, and for pricing to customize these courses for your company.

System Requirements
The minimum system requirements to run the courses are:

  • A clear connection to the Internet
  • Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari with Java enabled (default setting)
  • Internet e-mail is required to take advantage of the on-line “Help” feature of the courses
  • For optimal performance, viewing the courses with at least 1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher is recommended but other devices such as tablets are compatible with all Dashboards and courseware


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Quiz Feature Helps Assure An Effective Learning Experience

To help assure commercial aviation safety, it is important that all employees and their supervisors covered by these FAA regulations understand the issues related to drug use and alcohol misuse while performing safety-sensitive duties. Companies should expect that the work time and cost committed to training has demonstrated value.

For these reasons, each course requires the individual to pass a quiz in order to receive credit for course completion. Ten questions are randomly selected from a larger library of questions, so the quiz is different each time it is taken. A passing score of 70% has been established to pass the quiz. These courses provide a comprehensive and documented assessment process for each individual.

If you operate a Part 145 certificated repair station, your training plan required by 14 CFR Part 145.163, effective April 6, 2006, may include the requirement for a process to assure that FAA drug and alcohol training is effective.

The system has a proprietary relearn technology that not only provides the correct answers to any questions answered incorrectly, but also takes the person back into the course to review the material that apparently wasn't grasped initially. If the quiz is not passed, the system will direct you to relearns. After completing the relearns the individual will be given a second quiz (different questions) which must be passed to obtain a certificate of completion.

Our goal is to assure a good understanding of the course material and have objective evidence that the individual grasped the material.