Supervisor Course

FedReady LLC & Reakttor Inc.

Target Audience:

Supervisors of Safety-Sensitive workers who are covered by the The Department of Transportation (DOT) / Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Drug and Alcohol Testing Program.

Supervisor Training:

This course may be used for meeting the initial training and recurrent training requirements specified in the FAA regulations. Supervisor initial training should be completed within a reasonable time of first performing supervisory duties (e.g. 30 days), and mandatory recurrent training should be conducted on an annual basis.

Supervisors will be able to:
  • Identify the indicators of probable drug use and/or alcohol misuse
  • Understand the supervisor’s responsibilities in the overall compliance program
  • Define the six required types of tests in the program
  • Recall the signs and symptoms of illegal drug use and alcohol misuse
  • Define the supervisor’s role within the process for testing an employee based on reasonable suspicion
  • Recall the consequences of a verified positive, adulterated, or substituted drug test, and refusal to test, and understand the drug testing process and safeguards
  • Define alcohol and prohibited conduct under the Alcohol Misuse regulations
  • Identify the steps of confronting an employee upon observation of the indicators of probable illegal drug use or alcohol misuse
  • Participate in an interactive scenario to make a determination to conduct a reasonable suspicion test
  • Recognize the importance of record keeping and appropriate documentation
  • Review questions that were asked by supervisors in other companies and the answers, and ask their own questions via the “Help” feature of the course.
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of the course material by passing a quiz.

Focus of Supervisor Course

This course focuses on increasing competence and confidence in knowing when and how to take action. Real world examples and practical tools are provided to help the supervisor implement these requirements.

All supervisors should have successfully completed the Employee Training course beforehand.

To obtain more detailed information on the Federal Regulations, visit the official site of the Federal Aviation Administration 14CFR Part 120.

To experience the course, review sample video demo below. This sample demo contains some pages from existing course.